The song Cold Days is a you would play when you think of that special person in your life that has gone away from you. Knowing in your heart that it’s truly impossible to ever bring them back. So just consider this song your last love letter to your love.


TOGO/ James Wonder
Producer/Re-mixer/Film Maker

Togo was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and then he moved to Harlem when he was around 14 years. Music has always played a major role in his life as a youth. He grew up observing is older bother, who was an aspirating DJ at the time, spin, mix, and play free-styled urban reggae music. It wasn’t until he moved to the upper west side housing shelter called (V.O.A) when he discovered one of his true talents as a M.C.

Togo became aware of his talent when he came across a group of kids who used to freestyle rhymes off the top of theirs heads, this ability quickly gained the interest of this young man. It wasn’t until he traveled to Japan at the age of 21 when he began to take his talent more seriously.

The social, economical, and cultural conditions that Togo faced while living in Japan were extremely difficult for him. He was homeless, he had no one he could truly call his friend, and the language barrier is what consistently caused issues on a day to day basis.

The difficult problems that Togo faced made him gain a certain connection with his Lord, which he came to know, that God was his only true friend. He latter met a young nail stylist who decide to accommodate him when she found out that he was homeless. She latter became is wife and mother of his 2 children, 5 years after living together in Japan.

To talk about his music.

His music speaks of peace, justice and equality, instead of the normal bling bling flashy culture that blinds the youth form the righteous path. His music also brings a sense of hope to the current sounding hip hop scene which focuses mainly on materialistic living and which pulls and extracts from the original essence of why hip-hop was created.

He believes hip-hop or the form of rhyming was formed by the struggle and hard times that the pioneers of the hip-hop industry faced as youngsters, growing up in broken down neighborhoods & houses. The pioneers then formulated this Rap Music or the Hip Hop culture to release the social and economic tensions from their hearts and minds. They also used this Rap music as a sort of tool which could be used to not only speak out against, but fight against injustice and the poor living conditions which they faced.

Togo believes that today’s music contradicts it’s original format and he’s here to bring it back on track.